Today is the anniversary of Hanau. What happened in Hanau 2020: TW racist hate crime, violence, murder a year ago today in Hanau, Germany a German racist and Nazi murdered 10 people in a hate crime. One of them was his own mother. He killed himself right after his murders. I just found this German... Continue Reading →

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In die Stille gehen

In die Stille gehenwo kein Laut, kein Lärm istin die Stille gehenin mich gehenforschen, überprüfen, prüfen, fragenWarum es mir geht, wie es mir gehtwie geht es mir?In die Stille gehenum mich zu treffen, mich zu fragenwie es mir gehtIn die Stille gehen ist nicht einfaches erfordert Wille, Präzision, AnstrengungKraft und RuheMich mit mir auseinanderzusetzenden nicht... Continue Reading →

No More

it's been a while since I've been writing.Bottling up everything inside of meI don't have the timeI don't have the energyI should notI could notI would notI can'tIit's always somethingsomething that keeps me fromfeelingwritingexpressing myselfI've shoved so much down my throatand no- no pun intendedI pushed it down, further downuntil I feel like now it's... Continue Reading →

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